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June 12, 2016

Cotton Candy Queen

Summer Sundays call for your Sunday best.  Which is why I am obsessing over this off-the-shoulder pink dress (shop here) from Style We.  I have been a little skeptical of the "cold shoulder" trend but after wearing this dress I'm hooked.  I am obsessing over the vintage neck scarf paired with this dress.  This scarf screams barbie and I love how it gives this dress a more vintage feel.  Vintage scarves are perfect for tying on a bag, in your hair, or around your neck.  My marabou heels seemed to be the only shoes girly enough for this look.  I love how much they match the cotton candy.  There is nothing more exciting than finding a location perfect for your look, so when I saw this carnival I was beyond excited.  My fingers may be permanently sticky with cotton candy, but it was worth it for Mermaid Waves.  

Dress - Style We
Scarf - Vintage
Shoes - Topshop



  1. Hi, beautiful styling in high heels. To share your post on my blog the fashion. Regards

  2. high heels are looking stylish in your beautiful feet.

  3. Pretty dress love the baby pink color


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