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May 14, 2016

Prom: Denim Jumpsuit

Last night was my senior prom so obviously I had to go out with a bang.  I decided to take a different route than my previous prom looks and wear a jumpsuit.  I decided on this denim, flared jumpsuit from Asos.  This jumpsuit (shop here) has the perfect 70s glam vibe I was looking for, complete with an ultra flared pant and deep V neck.  Clearly one denim piece is never enough for me, I found the most amazing shoes from Nordstrom that look like denim patchwork by Marc Fisher (shop here).  I have literally had to keep these in a box under my bed to keep myself from wearing them before prom.  For my accessories I wanted to keep everything super 70s, my momma made me this amazing choker using fresh flowers (shop similar here).  Bye Bye flower crown! For my earrings I found the largest hoops on earth from Akira (shop here),  I could barely turn my head the entire night because of the size of these things.  

Since I didn't have a date I decided to bring someone I really care about, pizza.  

Jumpsuit - Asos 
Shoes - Marc Fisher
Earrings - Akira
Choker - Similar at Asos



  1. I think it's so awesome and badass that you decided to wear a denim jumpsuit to your prom! Super fabulous look!

    Jo |

  2. You wore a denim jumpsuit to your prom and you pulled it off! Love it on you!

  3. You surely deserve credit for going against the grain and against the norm by going not only with a jumpsuit, but a denim jumpsuit. Hardly anything denim is beautiful, but this is a beautiful denim jumpsuit. It is about as stylish any usual formal dress. This is a fine pants alternative to a dress. That's why I especially love wide-leg jumpsuits and palazzo jumpsuits. The sandals are cool. Well styled. Also, while I think fondness for pizza is all played out, you still get plenty of cool points for showcasing pizza. :)


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