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April 20, 2016

Check Please

If you are a Mermaid Waves follower, you know I can't stay away from a good jumpsuit.  I am loving this new cut of jumpsuits that are taking over recently.  Imagine your favorite pair of culottes grew a top, and you have my new favorite jumpsuit.  Asos is one of my go-to destinations but I recently discovered Asos White, one of their private labels.  It is more high-end than the average Asos product and super fashion forward, the perfect label for the ultimate risk taker.  This piece is so bold and edgy but also makes you feel like you are in an adult onesie, its really a win-win situation.  BTW students get 10% off always with Asos Student.  

Jumpsuit - Asos
Shoes - Topshop

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Sponsored by Her Campus and Asos.  


  1. Great jumpsuit!

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