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April 10, 2016

April Blizzards: A Lesson in Layering

I am so over wearing a giant winter coat.  I love my furs, but in April I just can not.  Too compensate for the lack of a giant winter coat, I pile on the layers.  In this look I went for all black and white prints, making them super easy to layer.  A super simple dot print it a perfect base for a major complex print like a lace.  I  love the lace short-sleece over the long sleeve blouse, its like a grown up version of my goto elementary school look.  Of course, flares are the perfect pairing to any top situation.  Over my base layers I threw on a plaid blanket coat.  I love how this blanket coat moves, it catches even the slightest gust of wind and you will feel like a queen walking down the street.  

Coat - Forever 21
Lace Top - Who What Wear for Target
Dot Blouse - Who What Wear for Target
Flares - Gap


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  1. Love the layering tops



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