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February 23, 2016

Denim Day Dream

If you thought I was over my denim obsession you're wrong.  I found a new way to wear denim on denim, and I'm still working on creating more.   If you see me daily you know that five out of seven days I am wearing flares.  Not only are the way comfier than skinny jeans (like who even thought those were a good idea), they make your legs look miles longer than they are.  For someone who is 5'4" and 90% torso, any leg lengthener is a friend of mine.  I am obsessing over this cropped denim top.  Its basically your favorite denim cutoffs but a shirt!  Its so exciting that I am able to wear a crop-top and not freeze while taking blog photos! Although, I'm praying for a snow-day tomorrow, my senior year would be incomplete without at least one.  In conclusion, wear lots of denim and summon the snow-day gods for me.  

Top - AllSaints
Flares - Free People



  1. Love how flared those jeans are! So bold!


  2. Love the entire look. Bit of a denim freak myself.

    1. Me to! :)


  4. OMG! Yes! Norma is right. I do young caual wear. I want you! Forget that Niki. She just does older women. You should have a most interesting Summer. This is Axa Klim from St.Croix. Will email you.

  5. No rush. You will not be out of school for three months. Former casual wear etc model. Manage at club in Chicago. Have worked with Axa. She's way cool.

  6. Wow, outstanding bottom bells! Denim crop top is a little to big I think, but smaller will be also great and ideally fit to this set. GOD JOB!


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