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December 12, 2015

You Can Do Better than an Ugly Sweater

The last day of the semester is always a party so I hard to dress for the occasion.  I wore possibly the greatest pants of all time, my sequin jeans.  I get so many compliments, disapproving stares, and questions on these pants.  The story behind them is truly quite boring, I didn't make them, they were not found in some crazy boutique, I got them online for super cheap.  I love this velvet camisole, its the perfect compliment to these crazy jeans, not too little but not too much.  This look is perfect for all your holiday events with your friends and way cooler than an ugly sweater.  

Camisole - Hand me down from my mom
Jeans - Style Moi
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Fur - Topshop



  1. They are certainly unique! They seem like a challenging piece to style in more than one way. Pairing it with that velvet camisole was a good choice. You look great as always, ugh, you are perf

    1. Thanks! Yes they are a challenging piece, but worth it!


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