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December 28, 2015

These Boots are Made for Sparkling

Mermaid Waves has officially been on this earth for two years now! It is so crazy to think how far this blog has come, from iPhone OOTD selfies, to new layouts, to working with some of my favorite brands, it has been quite the amazing journey.  At the bottom of this post I linked the 5 most popular posts ever! Check them out and let me know your favorites.  For this birthday post, I wore some of my favorite birthday presents!  I love any piece of clothing that has built in structure, a little structure can go a long way, it will create a super flattering shape even if you have no shape.  These boots were my birthday present to myself, because they are literally me as a shoe.  The glitter, the tassel, the stars, perfection.  I love layering pieces, a simple button-up is the perfect way to make this dress more interesting and more winter weather appropriate.  

Dress - Mink Pink
Shirt - Gap
Shoes - Y.R.U.

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  1. Happy anniversary! or birthday. Whichever, lol. I've only been following your blog for a little while, but I absolutely love it! Thank you for taking up this space of the internet.


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