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December 23, 2015

24 Hour Guide to Winter in the Windy City

 Hey all! Whether you are from Chicago or are visiting I have put together the ultimate 24 Hour Guide to seeing Chicago with Eventbrite.  From restaurants to activities this is the perfect guide to seeing all Chicago has to offer.  Even though I have lived here my whole life, I am still in awe of the amazing things this city has to offer, especially in the winter!  Although it is quite an unpopular opinion, I think Chicago is the best in the winter.  With that, follow me!
Rise and Shine sleepy head! Start your day of right at The Allis in Soho House.  This spot is located in the West Loop, one of the hottest areas in the city right now.  The Allis is a gorgeous (and highly instagrammable) spot; filled with cozy couches, a pastry counter, and lots of natural light.  I always go for a cup of green tea and an avocado toast.  Make sure to eat up because we have a long day ahead of us!

 Next stop is the equally instagrammable Langham Hotel, the experience at the Chaun Spa is unlike any experience at a spa you have ever received.  I felt like I was on a retreat far far away for weeks, after about two hours at the Chaun Spa.  Treat yourself!
 After you have been rejuvenated, head over to Wicker Park.  Wicker park is the ultimate destination for shopping, sweets, and eats.  For your new favorite lunch destination head over to Antique Taco.  Antique Taco is adorable like Pinterest IRL, their tacos are outstanding and I haven't been impressed with any other taco since.  Be sure to save room for some sugar, walk a few blocks down to Stan's Donuts.  Everything is delicious, but I recommend the Biscoff Pocket, for the advanced donut eater.

While you are in Wicker Park burn some calories and take a stroll on the 606 trail.  See some art along with awesome views of the city!  Don't forget to stop in all the unique shops Wicker Park has to offer.  
For the ultimate winter activity, go to Maggie Daley Park.  Not only does this park have the coolest playground in the city, it has a Ice Rink Ribbon! Skate along the ribbon and have an amazing view of the city at the same time.  Bring your own skates and you don't have to wait in line!
 Time for some culture.  Warm up from skating and head over to the Modern Wing at the Art Institute.  Be inspired by the art and the beautiful building itself.  For bonus points head to the Terzo Piano, in the museum, for the best fries you will ever eat, and thats a promise.
 To end the day, grab a deep-dish pizza (DUH) from Lou Malnati's and head back to your hotel or home.  Hide under your covers, grab your box of pizza, and turn on a good movie for the ultimate way to end your day in Chicago!
What are you excited to try? What did I miss?
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  1. This sounds like the perfect day! Also obsessed with your look!

    1. Thank you so much! I can not wait to follow this day myself!

  2. So cool! I wish you would've shown some of the "unique shops". The shopping is always my favorite part of visiting a new city :) -Isabella


    1. Way to many to share, but impossible not to come across them! They are all over Chicago, and mine too for sure!

  3. Your look is amazing! Great post!

  4. Oh I've wanting to get to Chicago in the wintertime. I really love it there but the couple times that I've been its been sometime during the summer. I've been to the museum is really nice. These tips are great - I'd definitely like the check out that rink and that brunch spot!


    1. Yay! I'm glad you like it! Winter in Chicago is lots of fun!

  5. This is perfect! These are great pointers! :)

  6. Great list of some of Chicago's best places. Tweeting it out for others! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amazing guide! The photos are amazing great post


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