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November 29, 2015

Play Dress Up (and Down)

I love dresses.  There is nothing more exciting than getting an invitation somewhere special just to be able to wear your favorite dress.  But, why do we have to only wear dresses on special occasions?! Lame.  I took my favorite party dress and dressed it down for a casual Sunday.  Not quite casual like laying on the couch but casual like brunch with the besties.  I threw a leather jacket over the dress to down play that dramatic open back and give it an edgier look.  Then, I put on I pair of black boots and some sassy sunnies and headed out the door.  Just as easy as jeans and a tee but a little chicer.  

Jacket - Les Eclairs
Dress - Cameo
Boots - Steve Madden



  1. That dress is such a unique cut. I've never seen anything like it. Dope sunnies too!

  2. absolutely love this look!


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