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August 24, 2015

Refreshingly Honest

I have teamed up with Honest Tea to celebrate honesty on social media.  My blog is filled with perfectly posed pictures and the best lighting, but it takes a lot to get just a couple perfect shots.  I go through hundreds of pictures to post about eight, and today I am being #RefreshinglyHonest and sharing some of the funniest pictures that have not reached the blog.  Post your #RefreshinglyHonest pictures to instagram, it can be a selfie fail, a boring meal, or just an average, everyday moment! Visit the National Honesty Index to get some info on just how honest the US is.  Feel free to bookmark this post for when you need a good laugh.  
 Monkey Bar Queen.

Sometimes your outfit hates you. 

 No-chin monster?
 Jump-shots rarely end well.

 I get a lot of people asking to take my picture with them, creepy yes, hilarious always.



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