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July 2, 2015

Am I Patriotic Yet?

Happy July!  Get ready to be inspired for all the BBQs and fireworks coming your way.  For my first look of the weekend I went sporty and casual.  I was inspired by the Stars and Stripes of the American flag, obviously with me being the star.  I paired a simple, striped t-shirt dress with Converse wedges and a button-up around my waist to break up the stripes.  Hydration is the hottest accessory this summer, especially when your straw has a pinwheel.  

 Did I invite you to my BBQ? (if you finish this quote and site it in the comments I will love you for life)

Whats more American than beat up Converse and baseball?

 Get it?!

Shop this look below with pieces picked out by me from Farfetch!


  1. LOVE that dress!! Perfect for 4th of July and throughout the summer. Great post! XO, Nicole

  2. "Then why you all up in my grill?"


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