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June 7, 2015

Fake it Till You Make it

I always see photos of models walking down the street in the adorable matching pajama sets and am always so jealous of them.  So, I decided to stop being jealous and wear pajamas for a day, and I felt amazing.   Honestly, I probably got the same amount of concerned and confused looks as I do in any of my other outfits.  I am not encouraging you to go out in your ratty tee and old sweats, but I am encouraging you to take on an adorable PJ set.  Jumpsuits and Co-ords are so in right now and a matching pajama set is another way to take on that trend.  

 How many outfits can you climb trees in?!

Pjs - Gap Top + Bottom
Shoes - Steve Madden



  1. I like all the ideas, but particularly Thoughts on Dots Pastel Prom Sparkle Baby Sunday Style Outfit Repeater Spring Knits and Neutrals and Spring Forward You have a great sense of color and style!

  2. You look gorgeous hunny!! x



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