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April 27, 2015

Mary Kate and Mermaid

Mary Kate and Ashely are definite style queens but their style can be scary to take on.  They have perfected oversized everything, from sunglasses to dresses.  I love playing with longer and oversized silhouettes but because of my small frame can never seen to get it right.  This look perfectly mixes MK+A with MW (thats me, Mermaid Waves). 
 This button-down, maxi, tank from Urban Outfitters is the perfect place to start your oversized journey.      The slits go all the way up which allows lots of movement, I paired this with my Sin Clarity blazer to make sure my shirt doesn't blow too far away.
 I paired a simple pair of cutoffs with this look, but this look would also work with jeans or leggings.

 These Steve Madden boots (similar) add a witchy feel to this look.  This outfit looks great with the shirt blowing away and in place.

 I love this look from the side, its equally confusing and chic.



  1. This is such a cool look! But ya know, Mary Kate and Ashley are only like 5' tall, so you're probably actually taller than them! That's probably why their clothes are always oversized lol


  2. Wow! Amazing style and shirt! One of my favorite look!

  3. Beautiful Captures=)


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