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April 19, 2015


Since I have started blogging I have become more confident in my ability to try new trends.  So, here I am in culottes.  Culottes are understandably scary, and give me flashbacks to third grade wearing green gauchos, but I had to give them a chance.  
These First & I culottes hit mid-calf which according to my research is the perfect length.  

 To contrast the wide leg, I wore a fitted, American Apparl bodysuit on top.  I threw an open back blazer in crisp white over my bodysuit.  The blazer matches to movement quality and shape of the culottes perfectly.

 When in culottes it is important to preserve the length of your leg.  I wore a pair of sky-high heels by Steve Madden.

I can't wait to try out more summer trends! If there are any you want to see me tackle, comment below.



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