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December 4, 2014

Dan the Man

I have always loved menswear inspired looks but was always afraid to try because of my small size.  I took some basic menswear inspired pieces and used shrunken versions of them.  
Winter whites! My white blazer is by Sin Clarity, this blazer is super structured with great shoulders which I love.  Scroll down a couple of pictures and check out the back!  I know I say this in almost every post but seriously a good blazer is one of the pieces you need in your closet at all times.

This pattern, is very clean but allows for some dimension.  Large prints will always look very chic, especially in black and white.  This crop top is from American Apparel.
I find open backs to often look cheap but this combination of these to open styles, is very unexpected.
I love joggers because they are sweatpants that aren't sweatpants.  These joggers are from Urban Outfitters.
I am wearing my beloved Dr Martens, these shoes are one of the best boots for the upcoming winter weather.  I have been through a lot with these shoes and they never fail me.


  1. excellently
    followers and I hope to do the same

  2. So unique. Really like it.

    Eea P


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