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November 25, 2014

Jolie Moche

Mixing the pretty with the ugly makes for the best kinds of outfits.  Obviously I could not give up my love for crop tops just because of the weather, so I layered them to give a more winter appropriate look.    
 This pink vinyl skirt is by Topshop.  I feel super Kim K in this skirt and love the shape.  I made it more casual by pairing it with oversized Campbells, but you can find a similar pair here.
 This Topshop top was featured in a summer look but has been totally redefined here.  I love the use of the layers to bring down to amount of chest bone(no boobs to be shown).  My long sleeve crop is from American Apparel.
 Love raiding my mom's jewelry drawer to find unique pieces!

 In honor of ANTM's last shoot.



  1. LOVE this look! :)

  2. Hi! This is definitely random, but when you get a chance can you do like a everyday makeup tutorial on like youtube and post the link on here? Your makeup is always perfect and so are your outfits. If not i understand :)

  3. Love the pink skirt.

    Eea P

  4. where can I get the pink vinyl skirt miss?


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