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November 9, 2014

Hates Barbie

If you haven't noticed my I love the color grey and Barbie, so this outfit just seems to be a perfect representation of myself.  It is super chic but also playful and young! 
 The first time I saw this skirt I almost cried.  I can't think of anything more perfect, so once it went on sale I snatched it up.  It is from Anthropologie.
 These Topshop shoes are perfect for all seasons, for winter just add a funky sock and you are all set!
 This Barbie t is from Forever 21, by pairing this tshirt with a midi skirt it gives it a more casual day time look, and it of course keeps with the groutfit.  My jacket is super sporty, I love the quilted leather mixed with the heather grey sleeve, here is a similar jacket.
 This gorgeous ring I got in my first Rocksbox set, I have worn it everyday since.  Seriously check out Rocksbox because it is the most exciting thing you will ever receive in the mail.
 My party animal necklace might be one of the best things I own. It is no longer available but Lenora Dame has some other amazing pieces.



  1. The perfect combination of things. Looks cute, love the skirt.



  2. My dream is have a blog, but I haven't got enough time :/ Love your blog!!


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