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August 31, 2014

Like an American

If you know me you know my favorite occasion to dress for is anything American.  There is nothing sweeter than a little girl in red, white, and blue.  I wanted my pictures to come out super cutesy and sweet, but I just look sassy as usual.  

 My top is from Urban Outfitters, it is one of the first things I ever got from there! It is so old it could probably be sold as vintage.  I love the accent of the red buttons, and the adorable trim on the collar.  Sadly, this shirt is no longer but there is a great shirt from Urban Outfitters that has a similar style.  
 My necklace is super expensive and you probably can't afford it because it's from Claire's.  I found some adorable anchor necklaces on Etsy and super inexpensive!

 I love these high waisted red short from Forever 21,  the three buttons are just perfect for a vintage inspired look.  These exact shorts aren't available any longer but they have a pair without the buttons.
 My shoes are Miz Mooz,  these shoes are so comfortable whenever I know I will be walking I pull these out.  These exact shoes aren't being sold but they have two pairs that I love just as much if not more ;).  Check them out here and here.

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