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August 28, 2014

Boy meets Mermaid

This look has such a great mix of styles so its perfect for someone like me who can't stick with one style of clothes for more than a week.  I love this shiny halter crop from American Apparel, it brings me back to my long haired mermaid vibes I had this summer. It glistens like a rainbow in the sunlight!

 As you probably already know I am obsessed with my Levi's, I would get more pairs but then I probably wouldn't wear anything else.  These are perfect for pairing with a skimpy top because they are larger and make up for lost fabric on the top.

 I am wearing a choker around my waist, before you judge it was completely stretched out and could not be worn on anyones neck!  I love the uniqueness of adding an accessory to an unexpected place.
 The best part of my outfit is obviously my Doc McStuffins band-aid.

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