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August 18, 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL: Glamjammies

This post is for all my lazy ladies.  The silhouettes of this look are so similar to pajamas (hello sleeping in class), with the cotton short and large button-down, but perfect for a day time look.  

 Call me the bargain queen because I got these jellies off Amazon for $13! They are just as good of quality as the ones sold for much more so I am quite pleased.  I love the specks of silver glitter to spice up the plain clear color.
 I wore these shorts the first day of seventh grade! They are Material Girl from Macy's,  I love reviving old clothes that become neglected! Forever 21 has a super similar pair to this that I love!
 This adorable heart-pocket chambray shirt is from J. Crew. The shirt is no longer available but they have many chambray styles.  I love the size of this shirt, it's not fitted so it has a very relaxed feel.  You can easily achieve that by buying one size up.


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